Collective Z.

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Fine, vivid terroir wines.

We are:
Marie (vineyards, cellar),
Christoph (vineyards, cellar),
Helmut (vineyards)
And our ten sheep

Big thanks also goes to our lovely harvest team:
Anne, Emilia, Ben, Anton, Jasper, Lena, Josefine, Alex, Franzi & Michel, Felix, Lothar, Günther, Hannelore, Hanns, Daniel, Hannes, Uschi, Eva, Onkel PIP, Ross, …

Our vines are located in Leistadt, a village close to Bad Dürkheim, perched high on the hillside, on the edge of the Palatine Forest. The village has never been land consolidated and we farm very small vineyards here. On 2,5 hectares we grow our wines organically and we stick to the varieties that are typical for our region like Riesling, Sylvaner, Traminer and Portugieser.

Our potential lies in our vineyards.
The Kalkoven is the vineyard next to our house and south of the Bernvalley. Here we grow most of our Sylvaner. The Kirchenpeace where our Riesling grows is situated north of the Berntal and is southern slope oriented. The soil in these vineyards is very limestone rich - you find true cool climate here.

Due to the small size of our winery we can pay each vineyard maximum attention and do most work with our hands. Our ten sheep support us with mowing and fertilizing and thereby increase biodiversity.

Our Terroir

Our Terroir


We produce wines that reflect their origin.
All grapes come from our own vineyards, are hand-picked, spontaneously fermented in our vaulted cellar(wood and stoneware) and bottled unfiltered after 12 months on the lees.


A bottle of wine Collective-Z Riesling Kirchenpeace

From one of Leistadts’ oldest vineyards just behind our house. The Kalkoven is situated south of the Berntal on a limestone reef. Fermented in a palatinate Halbstück(600l) and old french barriques.

Situated on the southern slope of the Berntal , this very old vineyard is characterized by a limestone-rich rocky soil. The Kirchenpeace lies north of the Berntal. It’s fermented in a palatinate Halbstück(600l) and old french barriques.

Single Vineyard Portugieser from one of the oldest parcells in the Bernvalley. Carefully hand picked, wild yeasts and fermented in old french Barrels. 2 weeks maceration in open vats , long aging on the leese. A complex, darkber- ried, fresh Portugieser with striking minerality from our supersoil.


A bottle of wine Collective-Z Village Village

Village Rosé
Rosé of old Dornfelder in our Kalkoven. It’s a free run, delicate Rosé that is fermented in stoneware and old french oak.

Village Blanc
The grapes come from an old mixed plantation in the Berntal, an old Riesling in the Kalkofen(Village -> Leistadt), one very rare 60-year old plot of Traminer and an old Sylvaner plot in our neighboring village Village -> Kallstadt - all of them small treasures and beautiful places… Fermented in old french oa.

Village Rouge
The grapes come from a high-altitude 50-year old Portugieser vineyard on colored sandstone - served chilled. Fermented in old french oak.

Wine is a luxury - less is more! Enjoying a good wine should always be a special experience…


Collective Z.
Freinsheimerstrasse 26
DE-67098 Bad Dürkheim

Please give us a call to date a tasting

We are happy to offer our Berntal tour including wine tasting and small appetizers for small groups of 5 or more people. (Everything outdoors, please make sure you wear appropriate clothing)
‣ Visit to the Berntal nature reserve
‣ Vineyard tour
‣ We talk about biodiversity, ecological agriculture, compensation areas
‣ Subsequent wine tasting in the arbor with good bread & butter
Rate 300.- / Duration approx. 2 hours - each additional person 60.-

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