Collective Z.

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Vivant terroir wine

We are:
Marie (Weinberg & Reben, Keller),
Christoph (Weinberg & Reben, Keller),
Helmut (Weinberg & Reben)

And lots of family members and friends during the harvest.

Our Sheep: Lucky, Schredder, Maude, Rose, Määähndy, Juno, Jupiter, Jim & Schlizzy

Our small winery is located in Leistadt, a lovely village close to Bad Dürkheim, perched high on the hillside, on the edge of the Palatine Forest. The soil is limestone rich and piles of chalk rock characterize the landscape. There has never been a land consolidation in Leistadt, thus leaving a high numer of small and old vineyards, which most winemakers would regard as being un- profitable. So our vine grapes all come from old vines aged 30-60 years with therefore reduced crop.

We work ecologically. And even more. Due to the small size of our winery, we can pay enough attention to each vineyard and work as much as possible with our hands. Our 7 sheep help us with mowing, fertilizing and loosening the soil. With the dung we increase the biodiversity of our region.

Wine is a luxury - less is more! Enjoying a good wine should always be a special experience...

We only cultivate these origin, wonderful vines on 2.5 hectares: Riesling, Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer, Dornfelder, Portugieser

Our Terroir

Our Terroir



A bottle of wine Collective-Z Riesling Kirchenpeace

A great Sylvaner from very old vines from the Kalkofen Terroir. Hand picked, carefully selected and fermented with wild yeasts in old French oak barrels. Long maceration on the skins and extented aging on the leese. Great mine- rality, herbal with a touch of fresh baked bread.

Single Vineyard Riesling from one of the oldest parcells in the Kirchenstück. Carefully hand picked, wild yeasts and fermented in small Barrels. Short maceration, long aging on the leese.
A complex, dark, smokey Riesling with striking minerality.

Single Vineyard Portugieser from one of the oldest parcells in the Bernvalley. Carefully hand picked, wild yeasts and fermented in old french Barrels. 2 weeks maceration in open vats , long aging on the leese. A complex, darkber- ried, fresh Portugieser with striking minerality from our supersoil.


A bottle of wine Collective-Z Village Village

Rosé from old Dornfelder in Leistadt‘s high-altitude limestone vineyards. Hand picked, wild yeasts and aged 10 months in old French oak barrels, unfined & unfiltered. Light, fresh, straight forward, herbal bomb!

White wine from an old field-blended site; includes Sylvaner, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Gewürtztraminer from Leistadt‘s high-altitude limestone vineyards. Wild yeast fermented and aged for 7 months in 224l barrels. Hand harvested, unfined & unfiltered, no added sulfites. Aromas of fresh baked bread, brioche, marzipan, a light super natural!

This wine comes from our old Portugieser and Dornfelder vines — whole cluster pressing and fermentation. A small amount of Sylvaner will be blended into this vintage. Freak out! Handpicked; here as elsewhere stored for roughly 10 months in used French oak and then bottled unfiltered. Fresh, juicy, fruity — no raspberry. Serve chilled.


Collective Z.
Freinsheimerstrasse 26
DE-67098 Bad Dürkheim

Please give us a call to date a tasting

We are happy to offer our Berntal tour including wine tasting and small appetizers for small groups of 5 or more people. (Everything outdoors, please make sure you wear appropriate clothing)
‣ Visit to the Berntal nature reserve
‣ Vineyard tour
‣ We talk about biodiversity, ecological agriculture, compensation areas
‣ Subsequent wine tasting in the arbor with good bread & butter
Rate 300.- / Duration approx. 2 hours - each additional person 60.-

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